Pixi Lighting is a leader in providing LED lighting solutions to industry and commerce. Our FlatLight? Luminaires are ideal for replacing existing fluorescent luminaires. In Commercial settings, they are perfect for under-cabinet lighting, flush ceiling lighting, suspended lighting, drop-ceiling lighting and wall lighting. In retail settings, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, architectural settings, hotels, hospitals and museums. Pixi FlatLight LEDs are the smart choice. The unique internal driver allow you the ability to install the LED light just about anywhere. Our troffers are FlatLight luminaires that can be installed flush in ceilings. For retail under-counter applications, Pixi FlatLight LEDs can be suspended using special, easy-to-install mounts. Pixi Lighting has designed and implemented beautiful, efficient Commercial-Grade lighting solutions for a number of well-known companies. Pixi LED lights deliver optimal light distribution, illuminating work surfaces without glare or hotspots. And Pixi Lighting LEDs contain no mercury or lead, so they're an environmentally responsible choice. Pixi Commercial-Grade LED FlatLights are currently available in various sizes. 

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